Bucket List No.4:
Skydive in New Zealand

The idea of skydiving wasn’t one that had crossed my mind until a few years ago. Being scared of heights, I suppose it never seemed like the obvious choice for my bucket list. But I started to flirt with the idea a little after my friend told me about his experience skydiving in New Zealand and showed me the video. I liked the fact that, unlike other adrenaline sports such as bungee jumping, you didn’t actually have to jump yourself. Strapped to someone else, they’d do all the scary bit for you, you just had to sit back and try not to have a heart attack! Eventually, after speaking to a few other people about their experiences, I decided that I wanted to do a skydive, specifically in Taupo in New Zealand.

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Visa and Entry Requirements for Australasia
British Passport Holders

With a British passport it is very easy to get into both Australia and New Zealand – no visas needed, just show up! Working visas are also quite easy to get if you are under 26 or highly qualified, but I haven’t tried that personally so I won’t try to advise. While they might be simple in terms of visas, it’s important to pay attention to the biosecurity laws for both Australia and New Zealand as they are very strict.
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