Five Excellent Things to do in The Netherlands

A couple of weeks ago I finally made the jaunt across the channel to The Netherlands, and it fast became one of my favourite countries. I began with the obvious – Amsterdam, before moving on to some slightly less touristy locations such as Rotterdam and Kinderdijk. My 8 days in The Netherlands, most of all, were made pleasant by the local people. The Dutch are amongst the friendliest and happiest people I have ever encountered. Everywhere I went I was met with smiling, helpful people. When I took the train, the staff at the station were helpful, the announcements on board where clear and informative. It was the people of the Netherlands that made sure my trip went smoothly and left me excited to make another trip there. Admittedly, there is still so much of The Netherlands to see and I most definitely intend to go back and see more of it when I can, but for now, here is my list of five excellent things to do in the Netherlands.

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