Hi! I’m Claire and I’m a behavioural ecologist, a science-communicator, and when possible, a travel-writer and wildlife photographer. I feel strongly that travel can be done sustainably, and better yet, offers us the opportunity to give something back, as well. In doing that we also get a more genuine experience of a place. One focus of this blog is therefore sustainability, the rights of indigenous peoples and of animals, and the increasingly popular marketing ploy of ‘ecotourism’. I also love to see wildlife and visit more remote areas, where I really enjoy wildlife photography and encounters with all kinds of wildlife, big and small. If you’re interested in seeing more of my wildlife photography, you can check out my gallery at Curiosity Photographic. The Wild Travel section of this blog will focus on my wild encounters, ways to get close to wildlife ethically and my adventures into some of the wilder habitats on Earth.


This travel blog began as little more than a diary which enabled me to keep in touch with my family while I was away on fieldwork for my PhD. Over time I came to really enjoy writing it, and found myself wanting to make new content and write real articles rather than just a diary. You will still find the original diary-style entries here, in the form of ‘travel tales’, but I also hope to create more engaging content in the form of articles and reviews. These can only ever be my own personal perspective on any given place or issue, but I try hard to make these as well-researched as possible, and I hope you will find them useful. I also include photos and videos from my travels.

Buy Me a Cola

Although this site started as a hobby, it is now becoming a major part of my work, and it comes with costs – hosting, domain names, etc. Unfortunately the reality is that this money has to come from somewhere. I won’t don’t charge my readers for anything, but if you like the website and feel it has been helpful to you, I hope you won’t object to me making a little money back from it. I make a tiny amount of money from affiliate advertising with some travel companies and products that I truly believe in. I hope in the future to be able to take on paid travel assignments, but at present my day job won’t allow that! Anyway, if you enjoy reading my blog and would like to contribute, I would be so so grateful for anything you could offer.

A lot of blogs now are offering a ‘buy me a coffee’ button where their users can opt to donate money towards the blog. I don’t drink coffee, but as my friends know I have a slight addiction to a certain carbonated drink (I’m working on it, promise!). So, if you’d like to contribute, why not buy me a cola