Visa and Entry Requirements for Australasia
British Passport Holders

With a British passport it is very easy to get into both Australia and New Zealand – no visas needed, just show up! Working visas are also quite easy to get if you are under 26 or highly qualified, but I haven’t tried that personally so I won’t try to advise. While they might be simple in terms of visas, it’s important to pay attention to the biosecurity laws for both Australia and New Zealand as they are very strict.


UK residents must apply for a 3-month e-visitor visa to enter Australia, in advance. However, you can do so online here and it is free of charge. This form was very simple and easy to fill in and took just a few minutes. Rather unnervingly at the end it recommended I ‘attach documents’ without specifying what these attachments should be. Despite this, my e-visitor visa was granted by email within a couple of hours. Thanks, Australia!

UPDATE: As it turns out, this may not have even been necessary. With an e-passport I was able to use the automated immigration machines and breezed through at both Melbourne and Syndey airports.

New Zealand

British citizens can enter New Zealand for up to 6 months without a visa, but if you want to work you must have a valid work visa.

New Zealand have very strict import legislation and most food and drinks, and you must be careful with any objects that might have soil or plant matter on them such as wood products, golf clubs, footwear, tents, fishing equipment and items made from animal skin.

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